Complete Denture Services

Dentures are an artificial appliance and you will need time to adapt to them because wearing dentures is a learned process, not an instinct with which we are born.

Your tolerance, adaption, function and patience will be made much easier when you understand that any denture, no matter how well designed and constructed by your DP, is at best a substitute for no teeth, not a substitute for natural teeth.

Dentures are designed to last for 5 to 10 years and just as with natural teeth, must be regularly serviced and maintained in order to achieve their lifespan. We offer complete denture services to Logan and wider Brisbane residents that ensure their dentures will last for years.


The keyword to success with your new denture is “PRESEVERANCE”. Your DP will never expect you to tolerate pain or soreness, but it is important to leave your new denture in your mouth as long as you can for the first few days and not take it out for any reason other than it is causing pain or soreness, or that it requires cleaning. The first 48 hours are generally the most challenging and frequently determine your success with your new denture.


Speech is frequently affected by a new denture, but is also one of the easiest problems to resolve. Simply reading out loud, or singing, will allow your tongue to find the correct position for enunciating your speech. If you find any speech impediment, simply slow down as you talk or sing and you will soon find more comfortable pace that adapts to your new denture.

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