Mouthguards are something that many of us will need at some point in our lives, whether it is for sport at school or as an anti-snoring measure when our better half cannot put up with it any longer. In this article I am going to take a look at some of the reasons as to why you may need a mouthguard fitted.

One of the most common reasons why people use mouthguards is for sport. During contact sports such as Australian Football or Boxing there is a huge risk that your teeth will come under pressure. Although they will not always work there is a large chance that a mouthguard will be able to stop most types of trauma and save your teeth. Remember, teeth can never be replaced so you must do your upmost to protect them.

Mouthguards are often used to help combat the pain of TMJ, those that experience TMJ liken it to one of the most intense forms of pains that they have ever felt, and it occurs on an almost daily basis. If you are experiencing chronic pain around your jaws then you may want to look into finding a provider of mouthguards which should be able to alleviate your pain for a while.

Bruxism is a probably that nearly everybody suffers to some extent during their lifetime. It is characterised by grinding of teeth during sleep. In the morning you will wake up with intense amounts of pain in the jaw and sometimes teeth wear. Proper installation of a mouthguard will stop this from happening.

Another side effect of Bruxism is snoring, in fact most cases of snoring can be linked back to bruxism. Therefore mouthguards are often used in the treatment of people that have chronic snoring problems when they sleep. Therefore finding mouthguards in Brisbane may be able to give you better sleep in the evening, this will ultimately help to reduce stress levels.

In Oral Health they are also needed to deliver some types of medication, particularly severe gingivitis and other types of diseases that have made themselves present along the gums and in your teeth.

For sport many people purchase mouthguards directly from a sports store. I seriously do not suggest this, they offer next to no protection and they are poorly fitting due to the fact that they are not built to fit your mouth. I suggest that if you are looking for mouthguards in Brisbane that you check out Logan City Denture Centre who are the premier supplier for custom fitting mouthguards in the Brisbane Area. Of course, as I mentioned before, mouthguards aren’t just for sport, you should be able to find plenty of uses for them. Make your life a little bit easier and have them custom fitted for the most comfortable solution.

If you find that you need a mouthguard for whatever reason then make sure that you visit the best. There are many manufacturers of mouthguards in Brisbane. I suggest that you check some of the more reputable out and find out how custom made mouthguards will be able to benefit you.