Professional Denture Clinic

A Brief History Of Our Clinic In Logan City

Our practice has a long history of exceptional service to residents of Logan City and Brisbane, dating back to our establishment in 1980.

After the retirement of proprietor Wayne Kronk in 2007, the centre changed proprietorship and merged with the highly respected Proficient Dental Laboratory.

The new, merged centre was relocated in June 2011 and renamed Logan City Denture Centre.

Modern Facilities, Advanced Technologies

Our clinic is fully equipped with a modern dental laboratory. We have the technologies and resources to provide high-quality denture services at an affordable price with no need for a referral.

Using the latest techniques, backed up by years of experience, our expert team can provide any and all denture services you need, including:

New dentures:

We offer a complete range of full and partial dentures, including acrylic dentures.


We can repair all types of dentures, including older style dentures which may need to be relined, restored and properly fitted again.

Custom fitting:

Not quite comfortable with your dentures? It’s common for dentures to have fitting issues, particularly new dentures which may need some adjustment. Our dental prosthetic specialists can fix any fitting problems for you.


Do your dentures feel different, or are not fitting properly? Call us and speak to our experts. There may be a structural issue with your dentures. We’ll check your dentures for faults and fix any problems for you.

Please note, important

We provide denture services only. We are not able to provide the services of a regular dentist practice. We strongly recommend contacting your dentist ASAP for any dental health problems.


Book An Appointment

Logan City Denture Centre hours of operation are Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and for people who work during these times after hour appointments are available by arrangement.

Call us on 07 3209 1557 for enquiries.