Denture Relines

At Logan City Denture Centre, we offer our clients an affordable reline service.

Over time, the shape of your mouth can change as your bone and gums slowly begin to shrink. This alters the shape of the ridges that support your dentures, and as a result they may not fit as well as they once did.

If you feel that your dentures are no longer fitting correctly, you are probably right. We can adjust them to suit the changing shape of your mouth, ensuring they remain comfortable. When we carry out a reline, we essentially replace any deficient areas with a reshaped fitting surface, ensuring your dentures are fully supported.

As denture experts, we’ll ensure yours fit correctly and are completely comfortable. Your reline will require two appointments – one to take an impression of your mouth, and then a second one to give you your newly fitted dentures and make any necessary adjustments.

Relines are suitable for both complete and partial dentures. It’s important to have a reline carried out every so often, as this not only ensures you are comfortable but also increases the lifespan of your dentures.

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