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A complete denture is a removable device that is used as a replacement when all teeth within the jaw have been lost. A full upper denture or full lower denture is used when there are no more teeth left in the arch, making them a totally tissue-supported prosthesis.

Your denture usually lasts for five to ten years. In order to keep your dentures functional for longer, they must be cleaned as regularly as natural teeth. You should service and maintain your complete dentures because the mouth naturally changes shape over time and an ill-fitting denture can be ineffective and uncomfortable.

What Is A Complete Denture

Complete dentures are made from a mould taken after all the remaining teeth have been removed and have healed for some time. It can be unpleasant to live without your teeth while you wait for your dentures to arrive which is why we offer immediate dentures at Logan City Denture Centre. Immediate dentures are made before all the teeth are extracted.

Immediate dentures are positioned as soon as the teeth are removed, meaning you don’t have to live without teeth for the healing period.


Choose Logan City Denture Centre for Your Needs

At Logan City Denture Centre, we offer a complete denture clinic. From fitting the dentures to general maintenance, our experienced team members will take care of your precise needs. We also offer 12 months of free adjustments to patients who have their complete dentures made in our clinic.

To book a consultation and find the best solution for your missing teeth, call us on (07) 3041 4839 or contact us online.

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