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Over time, it’s natural for your mouth and gums to change shape; ageing causes the gums and bone structure of your face to shrink. When this happens, a simple denture realignment service is all it takes to keep your prosthetic device as comfortable as possible.

At Logan City Denture Centre, our Dental Prosthetist can complete a reline for you, replacing any deficient areas with a reshaped surface that allows for a comfortable fit and effective support for your dentures. This will make your dentures more capable of meeting your daily needs and they will last longer as a whole.

What Happens In a Denture Reline?

When we carry out a reline in our clinic, we complete the process over two appointments. During the first appointment, we will take an impression of your mouth and we then ensure your dentures fit perfectly in the second appointment before you take them home with you.

We offer partial denture reline and complete denture reline services to make sure your dentures are well-adapted to the unique characteristics of your mouth, keeping them comfortable and natural-looking.

At Logan City Denture Centre, we also offer 12 months of free adjustments to patients who have their complete or partial dentures made in our clinic.

The Problems with Ill-Fitting Dentures

When your ill-fitting dentures aren’t rectified by a professional, you may experience far worse problems than inconvenience and appearance. Ill-fitting dentures can cause:

Swollen gums


Difficulty speaking

Ear pain


Angular cheilitis (inflammation in the corners of the mouth)

Difficulty eating



Speak to Logan City Denture Centre for Assistance

Don’t live with uncomfortable and unattractive dentures, have your denture relined or repaired at our state-of-the-art denture clinic in Logan Central. Book a consultation today to find the right services for your needs. Call us on (07) 3041 4839 or contact us online today.

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