Denture Repairs at Logan City Denture Centre

It is normal for dentures to wear down and break over time, especially when you think about how often we use them and the amount of pressure they must sustain. If your dentures need minor repairs or a major overhaul for severe damage, our denture repair clinic can help you today.

Broken dentures are more than an inconvenience. Our clinic in Logan Central includes a state-of-the-art denture clinic and dental laboratory, which allows us to take care of the repairs you need on-site. Our leading technology allows us to quickly and effectively offer emergency denture repairs so you can get back to your daily life.

Common causes of broken dentures include:

  • General wear and tear over time – if you have had the same pair of dentures for several years, they may be worn down from daily use, acidic products, and extreme temperatures
  • Ill-fitting dentures – dentures that don’t fit you properly have the freedom to move around in the mouth, causing stress and pressure that can crack the device
  • Accidental breakage – sudden trauma in the mouth is a common reason behind broken dentures

The Importance of Partial Denture Repair

If you currently rely on a partial denture, having it repaired immediately is crucial. Breakages can place pressure on your remaining natural teeth where your partial dentures were supposed to share the effort of chewing and swallowing.

Consider Preventative Repairs

Ill-fitting or older dentures may benefit from preventative repairs. Instead of waiting until something breaks, bring your ageing dentures in for maintenance so we can assess whether they are performing adequately. Logan City Denture Centre uses the necessary focus and time to complete denture relining and repairs that will extend the lifespan of your prosthetics.


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To find out whether your dentures need repairs or a complete replacement, get in touch with Logan City Denture Centre. Our expertise and experience ensure that all repairs are completed with the highest quality techniques and technology. Call us on (07) 3041 4839 for a no-obligation consultation.

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