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Denture Services at Logan City Denture Centre

Logan City Denture Centre
offers a very extensive range of denture services, covering all types of denture needs from basic requirements to advanced technical services.

Our services include:

Our Denture Services Overview

We can help you with getting new dentures, making special custom dentures, and fixing any issues with your current dentures. Our full range of denture services are available to you as standalone services or conducted in context with dental treatment needs.

Complete Denture Services

A complete denture is a removable appliance used when all teeth within a jaw have been lost and need to be prosthetically replaced. A complete denture is constructed when there are no more teeth left in an arch, hence it is an exclusively tissue-supported prosthesis.

Designed to last for 5 to 10 years, dentures require the same level of care as natural teeth. They should be cleaned, serviced and maintained regularly to extend their lifespan – our prosthetist will be able to provide you with advice in relation to this.

Logan City Denture Centre provides patients with a complete service, from fitting the dentures through to providing you with maintenance information. Our professional team will ensure you can enjoy the complete freedom and comfort that comes with a full set of teeth!

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are the ideal option for those looking to replace one or more missing teeth, and they can be customised to suit any remaining natural teeth. At Logan City Denture Centre, we match your partial dentures to suit the colour and shape of existing teeth for a natural finish.

It’s very important to replace missing teeth for several reasons. Partial dentures will help to:

  • Improve appearance – partial dentures can work to complete your smile, and when matched to the shade of your teeth they appear completely natural.
  • Facilitate chewing – when teeth are missing, it’s virtually impossible to masticate food efficiently.
  • Support remaining teeth – natural teeth, when left unsupported, can drift sideways or wear unevenly.
  • Support an opposing full denture – it is quite common for a patient to have a full upper denture, and only six remaining lower natural teeth. When they bite on the front teeth of the denture, the back tilts down. Partial dentures support an opposing full set, ensuring they sit evenly.

Our Dental Prosthetist can make partial dentures from a number of different materials. These include the following:


Upper view of acrylic denture on white background

More affordable and easy to repair, reline and add additional teeth, acrylic dentures are ideal when there are many teeth missing. Most have stainless steel retention systems, however clear or resin retainers can also be used.

Flexible Nylon

Flexible removable nylon denture on white background

There are two types of nylon dentures that differ in terms of flexibility. Made from injected thermoplastic nylon, they are translucent, flexible, clinically unbreakable and do not require a metal retainer. Being translucent, this option allows for your tissue colour to show through for a completely natural look.

The flexibility of the base itself is used to retain the partial dentures, however a resin retainer can also be used.

While this particular type of denture is not suitable for every case, it is often the best choice for patients. Nylon flexible partials allow for a removable partial restoration to eliminate costly preparatory work, whilst still being functional Lightweight and natural looking.

Cast Metal

Upper view of cast metal denture on white background

Strong and stable, cast metal partials are thinner and smaller than other options available.

They effectively support remaining teeth, they also work to transfer bite pressure to other teeth – rather than directly down on the supporting gum. This works via the use of metal rests on the occlusal surface of neighbouring teeth.

Designs are wide and varied, and these dentures are retained using either cast metal or flexible resin retainers.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate Dentures

As with all dentures, it’s important to remember that immediate dentures are designed as a replacement for no teeth, not a replacement for teeth.

What’s an Immediate Denture?

Immediate dentures are used to replace teeth that are going to be removed, or have been extracted recently. While other dentures require your mouth to heal after an extraction, immediate dentures can be used straight away – meaning you won’t be left for weeks without teeth. This alleviates difficulty eating, general discomfort and also embarrassment.

How is it done?

We take an impression of your mouth prior to extraction, and then produce models of your mouth. We then do simulated extractions on the model and place the denture teeth as close as you require to your natural setting. During this process we can correct any aspects of your tooth position that you may not be happy with at present.

When your teeth are extracted, your new denture is ready to go, meaning there’s no down time where you are left without teeth.

What will it look like?

We cannot try a wax replica of your denture before the extraction, and therefore some aesthetic compromises are necessary. This doesn’t mean that your denture will appear unnatural – we strive to ensure that each and every denture we fit looks as good as possible.

Adapting to Immediate Dentures

Following post-operative instructions is very important when it comes to immediate dentures. You should follow your dentist instruction until you have your review appointment with Logan City Denture Centre Dental Prosthetist. This will help control any bleeding or swelling. Your follow up appointment is very important, as it allows us to rectify any minor issues before they escalate.

We will provide you with strict oral hygiene instructions, and it’s important that you follow them. Usually, this will include frequently rinsing your mouth with salty water. This controls bacteria and encourages healing.

A temporary denture lining may be used to adapt the fit surface of the denture to the present size and shape of the supportive tissue. This compensates for the rapid changes that are common during healing. How long the lining remains effective for depends upon when the lining is done and how much your mouth has shrunk.

We may need to make other adjustments during the healing period in order to ensure your denture remains comfortable. If you are experiencing any pain, be sure to contact us – we can make alterations to ensure your denture fits comfortably.

Maintaining Immediate Dentures

After 4 to 6 months, you will need either a reline of your immediate denture or a brand new denture (post extraction denture). If you decide to have a new one fabricated, we’ll be able to make any aesthetic or phonic changes you require within the limits of denture prosthodontics. If you have a new denture made, the immediate denture is the perfect ‘emergency’ backup should you ever experience issues with your new one.

If you do not have a reline of your immediate denture carried out, there is a risk that hyperplasic tissue may grow into the denture.

Once your mouth has healed (at 4 to 6 months post extraction), book an appointment and we’ll run through the options available to you – whether you need a reline or a new denture. We can also provide you with helpful advice and assistance in terms of maintaining dentures and also adapting to them, ensuring you learn to live with them comfortably!

Post Extraction Dentures

Post extraction dentures are used once your teeth have been extracted and you have had enough time to heal. Our dental prosthetist can take impressions one to three weeks after extractions have taken place.

If you have only a few natural teeth remaining, this option is ideal. After you have had teeth removed, our Dental Prosthetist will offer a try-in. This allows you to see what the dentures will look like, before they are actually finished.

Denture Relines

If you need your dentures adjusted to suit the shape of your mouth and gums, we can help.

The shape of your mouth changes over time as your gums and bone structure begins to shrink. The ridges that supported your dentures therefore change, meaning they may not fit correctly.

Our Dental Prosthetist can complete a reline for you, replacing any deficient areas with a reshaped fitting surface so that your dentures are sufficiently supported.

Well-fitting dentures are comfortable dentures – we’ll ensure the perfect fit. When we carry out a reline, 2 appointments are required. During the first appointment, we take an impression of your mouth, and during the second one we ensure your dentures fit correctly before you take them home.

Suitable for both complete and partial dentures, relines are very important. It ensures you dentures are comfortable, and also increases their lifespan.

Our expertise will ensure your dentures are well adapted to the unique characteristics of your mouth, so that they are natural looking and completely comfortable.

Denture Repairs
Broken acrylic denture on white background

Whether your dentures are severely damaged or just require minor repairs, our experienced team will be able to restore them – allowing you to get back to normal in no time!

When it comes to partial dentures, it’s important to ensure any defects are taken care of. Any breakage can place pressure on your remaining teeth, as your dentures cannot ‘share the load’ as they normally would when chewing and swallowing.

Our clinic is situated in Logan Central, we are conveniently located for those in Logan and the wider Brisbane area. Our clinic includes both a state of the art denture clinic and dental laboratory, allowing us to repair virtually any type of denture – whether it be partial or complete.

With our expertise and experience, you can rest assured that all repairs are done using the modern techniques and technology for superior results.

If your dentures break, it’s not just an inconvenience – it can impact upon your quality of life.


The comfort and appearance of dentures are common concerns amongst our patients. Will they be uncomfortable? Will they look natural? At Logan City Denture Centre, we hear these concerns every day, and we’re here to assure you that dentures can be both comfortable and natural-looking when fitted correctly.

We make sure that your dentures appear natural-looking, enhancing your smile rather than altering it. We ensure that they fit your mouth perfectly, and will customise the colour and shape so that they complement your smile. Dentures should not alter your appearance too much – only enhance it. We customise dentures to ensure they suit each individual patient, so they can be worn with confidence.

We can customise both complete and partial dentures. If you need to have them fitted but don’t want to alter your natural smile, simply book an appointment with our experienced team today.

women wearing orthodontic silicone mouthguard

Mouthguards are commonly used for contact sports, however they can also be used to cure bruxism. At Logan City Denture Centre, we can custom make mouthguards to fit your mouth perfectly.

Denture Cleaning

Denture Cleaning

Just as you care for and maintain your natural teeth, it’s important to look after your dentures. At Logan City Denture Centre, we can provide you with advice in relation to cleaning and maintaining them.

Dentures should be cleaned as often as you would clean your natural teeth – in most cases, this is twice a day and also after eating if necessary. Correct cleaning will prevent inflamed gums, fungal infections, bacterial infections and the loss of any remaining natural teeth.

How do you clean them?

You should always remove your denture from your mouth for cleaning. Dentures should be soaked in an approved solution, and only brushed with a soft, specially designed brush. It’s important not to brush too hard, as this can leave grooves on the surface over time, which can allow plaque (and therefore stains) to build up. It’s important to clean all surfaces, including the underside that touches your gums. It’s also crucial to remember that you shouldn’t use toothpaste to clean your dentures.

Even if you have no natural teeth remaining, it’s recommended that you brush your gums regularly to promote blood flow.

If you have any questions regarding the care and maintenance of your dentures, contact our team today.

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